Pipe to Outer Reef

ALL in a couple of days work for Alex Gray, from Pipeline to the outer reefs and then back again, plus or minus a few stitches.

We have a developing admiration for Alex Grey of Turkey Melt, he charges, wields a camera and Final Cut Pro like a weapon and seems to posses a sunny disposition.

Day one of the Volcom Pipe Pro was truncated by a rising swell so those who could headed further afield. "I surfed Pipe in the morning until it washed us to the beach." said Alex "Then headed to an outer reef and ended up in the hospital. All in a day's work."

Whilst being stitched up in hospital following the outer reef involuntary surfboard injection, Alex asked the doctor's advice on how best to aid the healing process. Knowing there was no way Alex would dodge his heat the following day at 8ft Pipe the doc's advice was "pigdog".

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley