Puerto Escondido Cup to Go This Sunday - Women Division Added

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The Puerto Escondido Challenge was dropped from the Big Wave Tour this year—but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a big wave contest at Zicatela. The Puerto Escondido Cup has a waiting period that extends through the month of June, boasts an invite list that looks strikingly similar to the former Big Wave Tour event’s list, and has Gary Linden for a contest director. In other words, Puerto doesn’t care that it isn’t on tour anymore—it’ still gonna put on a helluva show.

A solid pulse of steep southerly swell is chugging toward Mexico right now, and the Puerto Escondido Cup has been greenlighted for Sunday, June 24th. And just to spice things up a notch, a women’s division has been added to the event, with equal prize money as the men’s event. This will be the first women’s big wave event in Latin America, and promises to be a good one, as preliminary forecasts are calling for waves in the 10- to 12-foot+ range (20-foot+ faces on the sets).

Last week’s solid south swell had a few windows of perfection at Puerto Escondido, but was largely plagued by subpar wind conditions caused by topical storm Bud. With one week left in the event waiting period, this swell couldn't come at a better time—and the wind forecast looks like it is back to normal, with classic conditions expected on Sunday morning. The event will stream live at Facebook.com/surfopenleague.

International Invitees
Grant Twig Baker
Lucas Chianca
Billy Kemper
Greg Long
Natxo Gonzalez
Kai Lenny
Nic Lamb
Jojo Roper
Pedro Calado
Tom Lowe
Nathan Florence
Alex Botelho
Koa Rothman
Will Skudin
Felipe Cesarano
Christian Merello
Jamie Mitchel

Local Invitees
Coco Nogales
Angelo Lozano
Rogercin Ramirez Jr
Jimel Corzo
Jose Ramirez
Marcial Monreal
Cesar Petroni

International Alternates
Gabriel Villaran
Alvaro Malpartida
Nahuel Amalfitano
Joao de Macedo
Rusty Long
Ramon Navarro
Othmane Choufani
Pedro Scooby
Miguel Tudela
Rusell Bierke

Local Alternates
Tehuen Petroni
Jafet Ramos
David Luengas
Angelo Donnanno
Sasha Donnanno
Raul Suinaga
Aron Silver
Vicente Yasbek
Andres Dimarco

Women Invitees
Paige Alms
Keala Kennelly
Justine Dupont
Bianca Valenti
Felicity Palmateer
Laura Enever

Women Alternates
Michaela Fregonese
Nicole Pacelli
Polly Ralda
Emily Erickson
Raquel Heckert
Isabelle Leonhardt

Cover shot Bianca Valenti by Pedro Bala