Pumping Pond: Atlantic Basin's Cold Heat

YOUR pictures of a pumping long weekend. It's not too often that the Atlantic mirrors itself, opposite coasts of the pond's higher latitudes lashed by swell and howling offshores. It was bitterly cold for much of it, keeping numbers down and stoke high.

It was the kind of weekend that you might wee in your wetsuit and enjoy it, even though you know full-well that thanks to the fully-sealed nature of your modern rubber it aint going anywhere. In fact it will quickly turn tepid as it sloshes around your nether region and stay there until you exit the surf. But for that one glorious moment you were in a warm bath in the ocean as the snow pelted your face and your fingers turned inextricably numb.

The knock-on is that if it's pumping the next day and if you don't want to step into yesterday's freezer you will need you'll need to dry it. And where is warmer for that than your bathroom? Unfortunately having urinated in the thing you'd better make sure you clean it, or as the suit warms the molecules will get active, flooding your partners nostrils with day old piss every-time they approach the stalls. In turn your ears will burn, and that carefully constructed sandcastle of surfing goodwill will be washed away in a stream of nitrogen rich scent.

It's it's been a blast winter, perhaps we can do it all again soon? As ever this is just a small sample of what we have had uploaded to the site over the last few days, . Check out the full range of shots here.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley