Raoni Monteiro Tests Positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs


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Updated 921d ago

Raoni Monteiro of Brazil has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and as a result has been suspended by the WSL for 20 months.

The ban has been in effect since 12 December 2014 during the Billabong Pipe Masters where he was knocked out in the second round and it will continue to keep him out of competition until 12 August 2016. It has taken five months for the WSL to release a statement as the issue required an in-depth investigation as well as giving Monteiro time to respond.

The WSL's press release states that their Discipline Director has received full cooperation from Monteiro and his team. However, they do claim that the use of the substance was 'unintentional' and prescribed by a physician.

Monteiro has accepted the ban and said, "I made an honest mistake but there are rules to follow and I broke them. I am looking forward to working hard with the time out of competition, getting back to my best and competing again next year."

In 2005 Neco Padaratz was suspended for using anabolic steroid which he claimed were to treat an ongoing back injury.

The WSL have not disclosed what substance but state that Monteiro has violated the anti-doping policy so must serve his ban.