Relentless 'Powers Of Three'

MICKEY Smith, Tom Lowe and Fergal Smith have managed to portray the burgeoning big wave Irish surf scene in powerfully empathetic fashion. You can almost feel the driving rain and the shudder of 20ft slabs exploding on the cliffs underneath your feet. After watching the movie it is impossible not to feel like you have an insight into the characters - their very minds and you almost feel a bit like a friend. Genuine enthusiasm and passion is as hard to portray on film, as it is to write about. Credit has to go to Relentless and Carve for facilitating this stand-out production.

Grant and Twiggy interview

Behind the scenes with the legendary big wave surfers Grant Baker and Greg Long

Bonus features

Check out all the bonus features here - well worth a watch.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley