REVEALED: New Player in Wave Pool Arms Race

Jason Lock

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Updated 259d ago

A fresh set of wave pool technology has just been unveiled, adding another dimension to the artificial surf experience arms race.

This time, American Wave Machines has unveiled some tech called PerfectSwell, “the first and only air-pressure system to create naturally occurring ocean swells for authentic world-class surfing.”

And while the first Surf Ranch event was soaking up traction from the global surfing community, the first video clips dropped – notably Seth Moniz's insane rodeo flip. A smart, almost Kelly-eqsue nod to stealing thunder from the Founders' Cup? An attempt to upstage Kelly from his own event? Comparisons are going to be drawn to the Lemoore-based KS Wave Co/WSL ranch, but in this latest iteration of inland surfing, it seems the pool is capable of generating three waves at a time.

According to the America Wave Machines website: “A sophisticated control system operates air valves and high-volume pressurized air to precisely time the push-pull on the water surface with the effects of gravity.

“This together with the design of the generator chambers and pool rolls out swells with circular particle motion (the key) into the pool. The waves are further amplified by the phased array controlled patterns to up to twice the fundamental swell size.”

Wave can be generated up to the 8ft range, apparently able to create any shaped wave, and more than 1,000 waves per hour can be created. Currently, a facility is due for launch at BSR Cable Park in Waco Texas.

What's your take? Comparable to Kelly's juggernaut, or, Wavegarden's The Cove tech?

Cover shot from American Wave Machines