Rio Final Day Highlights

JOHN John's road to victory at the Billabong Rio Pro, defeating Joel Parkinson in emphatic fashion.

It shouldn't have been such a one-sided final but in dropping a 9 so early and backing it up with up a 7 in the first few minutes, John John punctured Parko's ballon so effectively it was all over bar the chair up the beach. Joel the ultimate pro still hunted the waves and a mid 8 got him back in the match but you sensed even he could smell it on the wind.

The skinny latte kid from the North Shore has been talked up since he first stepped on a board and finally in Rio it all came together, he hardly put a foot wrong all event. He scared the hell out of Kelly Slater who took to Twitter for a bit of World Tour mind games. John John doesn't really use Twitter so much though, his last post was on May 2nd and before that twice in April. Also he also doesn't follow any surf companies but he does follow OMG Facts - make of that what you will.

Full results here.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley