Rio Pro Goes Aerial

ONSHORE is the new offshore and today went some way to proving that at the Billabong Rio Pro with big blow-ups getting the big scores.

Taj Burrow, threw his tail around like it was in danger of biting him, dominating his heat and fuelling Fantasy Surfer selection regrets. Sorry Taj. Slater went through without any problems as did Owen Wright, Mick Fanning, last year's winner Jadson Andre and Euro flame Flores.

Slats appeared a bit overwhelmed by the crazy carnival that is Rio despite a 9. Or is this a new Slater strategy? It looked freaking horrible from the shore with squalls rolling through every couple of hours blowing it all to hell. However in-between the wind there were glimmers of light, calm and huge heat scores.

The forecast looks good!

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley