Roadside Assistance

YOU won't catch Nic Muscroft moaning about the heat in Ceylon, hell no, he's out hunting remote pointbreaks, making friends with gun-toting militia and using his brute strength to get local vehicles back out on the road. Bah, it's all in a day's work for the Victorian wave slasher.

© 2017 - WPS/Shield

Nic uses superhuman strength to get the tuktuk back on the highway on his return from an epic trip down the Sri Lankan coast. Keeping the roads safe has always been part of the Muscroft deal.

© 2017 - WPS/Shield

With military checkpoints safely negotiated, Nic arrives at tropical righthander HQ and proceeds to bury the portside rail of his magical surfing apparatus.

Mush gets his passport stamped and talks about the cricket with the local soldiers but doesn't leave without giving a few pointers on the correct etiquette on a mid-lane change of tyres. He also checked the oil in their Mahindra jeepney, and reminded them their 80000km service was almost due. Shield ---