WATCH: Ross Clarke Jones on Getting Rumbled in the Nazare Death Zone

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The death zone at Nazare is aptly named. It's where you probably will end up if you take a spill down the face of the peak at this Portuguese behemoth, the white water spinning you into the rocks below those imposing cliffs, close to where many a jet ski has met its maker. And do you recall, a few years ago, Ross Clarke-Jones took a ticket to the death zone? Crunched against rocks, bouncing like a pin ball from outcrop to outcrop. It was high drama for everyone for watching but for RCJ: "It wasn't that bad actually," he quips in nonchalant Ozzie drawl during the above podcast with big wave legend Jamie Mitchell. In fact, the whole convo's pretty gnarly. Get into it, above. Cover shot of Ross by Helio Antonio.