Rosy Looks Forward To Roxy Pro

ONLY one day away from the start of the only ASP Women's World Championship Tour stop in Europe, the Roxy Pro in Biarritz, ASP Europe caught up with Rosy Hodge (ZAF) 25. The iconic South-African surfer from East London will be involved in the event, not as a competitor this time but acting various roles for her sponsor Roxy.

Rosy Hodge, a former World Championship Tour surfer who spent four consecutive seasons at the Elite level, has since then been competing on the Star Tour and working for her sponsor Roxy at the same time. Rosy took a little time to answer our questions, just off her boat trip in the Maldives with the Roxy Team.

"Hi Rosy, can you start by introducing yourself ?
I'm 25 years old and I'm from East London, South-Africa. I still call South-Africa home but I've only been home a total of 5 days since February. I started surfing with my older brother and dad when I was 8. I started competing on the Star tour in 2006.

What is it in surfing that makes you tick and why/when did you decide to make it a career ?
Pretty much from the moment I stood up on a board I loved surfing and being in the water. I started competing a few months after I started and always looked up to the pros from my home town like Greg Emslie and Royden Bryson. I just set my mind on surfing and didn't think about doing anything else as a career. I'm happy that my dream as an 8 year old worked out the way it did.

How long have you been competing and what are your best results ?
After I finished school in 2005 I started competing full time on the Star tour in 2006 and qualified for the 2007 world tour. I was on the women's world tour for 4 years and I got asp most improved in 09.

I'm still competing on the Star tour with the goal to qualify but i also want to be able to look after the Roxy Team and do surf trips and commentate. The level of woman's surfing at the moment is incredible.

You've started working for Quik and Roxy on their events doing interviews, is this something you might want to pursue ?
I really enjoy doing the commentating at the events so if any other opportunities came along it would be something I would like to pursue even more.

You have been a Roxy Girl since you were 8, a trained competitive surfer and a full time traveler for a while.. Does that make you a good coach for younger surfers and do you already or would you like to start working as a team manager / trainer or coach ?
I think I do have a bit of insight into the ins and outs of traveling and competing on tour. Looking after the girls is fun and I love surfing with the younger girls cause they push my surfing. I just don't think I could be fully responsible for them yet because I still feel like a rookie traveler at times. I help where I can and I'm so stoked to still be apart of the Roxy brand and take on other roles.

There's another side to being endorsed by a big brand like Roxy, you are regularly the face of the brand for communication campaigns and clothing line photoshoots etc.. How hard or cool is this part of the job ?
I love being involved with the photoshoots and events ! I just got back from a 10 day boat trip. It's so fun getting to travel and surf. It does get a bit tiring but I want to make the most of it while I can.

Is this how you got to play a role in the movie Blue Crush 2 ?? What was this experience like ?
The BC2 experience was really cool. I got paid to surf my brains out for 8 weeks along the SA coast and meet a bunch of really interesting people. I got cast in the movie before Roxy got involved so it was just cool that Roxy was involved.

As a traveling surfer and sponsored athlete you often stop by in Europe. What are your favourite places in Europe and why ?
I really look forward to traveling to Europe. I think I feel the most comfortable in France cause that's where I spend the most time and the Quiksilver Boardriders house is there and it's like a second home. I think the cool thing about Europe is you can experience so many cultures in a small space and the waves are fun.

If you ever get a holiday break, where would you most want to go, with whom and why ?
I would like to travel a bit more around Africa, India and some of the more 'touristy' parts of Europe.


Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley