Run to the Sea - Winner of the Irish Surf Film Festival

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This wild and somewhat whacky edit, Run to the Sea, by Dylan Stott and Kurt Rist won best short at the Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival and gained an Official Selection to the the San Sebastian Filmfestibal. It sums up and distils the spirit of a season which will be remembered for seemingly endless swells of pant-dropping magnitude.

When he won at home in Ireland you wouldn't have found a more stoked man in a Dublin that whole year. “I didn’t think I was going to win.” Dylan said at the time “I know how talented Peter Clyne, Kevin Smith and Mickey are. I knew I had a pretty good thing though – then during the screening it was pretty loud with hoots and whistles. That felt good. When they called my name for overall winner I was walking on air. To win something like that in a room filled with my peers is nearly otherworldly."

He also wanted to give a special thanks to everybody involved: Jeff “Doc” Lausch and Patagonia help us out with gear. Paul Okane and Barry Mottershead are always being there and ready. Thanks for everyone who makes it safer to do this. Especially Paul again – (Can’t thank him enough) Peter Conroy and Ollie O’Flaherty, Neil Britton, Tom Butler, Danny Clarke, Pete Craig, Mikee Hamilton. Thanks to everyone who charges for your ways and inspiration!!! Shambles, Conor Flanery, Conor Maguire, Noah Lane, Hugh Galloway, Stephen Kilfeather. Shane “Maddog” Mc Grath. Cain Chuillinn, Fergal Smith, Tom Lowe, Andrew Cotton, Lyndon Wake, Will Skuden, Francois Leits, Fionn Rogers, Laurent Pujol, Nic Von Rupp, Christian Mcleod, Mikey Corker, Peter Clyne, Aaron Pierce, Camilla Neves, Patricia and Nan Brennan. Phew