Samoan Suf Report for week 45 of 2008 from Sa'Moana resort


Report No: 45-08
Period: Monday 3rd to Sunday 8th November

Monday. High tide 10.44am. Pebbles was 1st stop & it was looking good with light offshore easterly wind & a clean south swell Pebs was doing its thing. The inside section had a heap of barrels, but walls enough to do turns on. With only 3 in the water, beautiful sunny day and offshore waves it was a cracker of a day. They surfed head high sets from 9am till 1.15pm.

Tuesday. High tide 11.53am. No surf trip today as all guests were leaving. But there were clean fun waves out the front sat resorts for the guides. Shoulder high, offshore and no one out so good.

Wednesday. High tide 12.53pm. With a strong south easterly blowing Pebbles was the place. Despite the conditions the inside section was really surfable. The strong offshore meant late and steep takeoffs. The wind did back off and the wave quality improved, with head high sets, and the odd bigger one, and with every 2nd wave spitting barrels. The crew from 10.30 till 3pm

Thursday. High tide 1.41pm. No surf trip today due to the strong onshore and bad weather. There was a new south west swell but it looked ugly so they opted for a day in town. On return to the resort it had glassed right off but only Boulders may have been holding the size of the swell.

Friday. High Tide 2.22pm. Dawn patrol straight to Boulders for the early low tide. It had dropped a touch in size but it was still solid enough for Boulders to break. Head and half high were the sets, but because of the south west swell, wave selection was important. Only really able to do 1 or 2 turns but it was really racy. They had it to themselves from 6am till 12pm so the crew were super stoked.
A quick stop at Pebbles on the way back for a barrel fix, but the SE was up so only had a quickie.

Saturday. High tide 3.01pm. Around 3.00pm after a lazy morning Resorts had some nice peaks and it was like sheet glass. There was the odd barrel but lots of turns to be done. With lefts and rights out there everyone got a heap of fun waist to head high waves. The 3 guests and 3 staff put on a good show for the Vailima drinkers on the deck.

Sunday. High tide 3.42pm. A mid day trip to Wakas which was very wackable! Head high sets, sunny skies and no one on it they were loving life. 4 in the water for 2 hours, 2 or 3 turns a wave, then they bailed over to Special K. Thanks to the glassy conditions K was pretty sick. Only shoulder high but super lined up the natural footers loved it, able to do a few reo's each wave. We had that for an hour and a half, then it was back for bbq night and the Vailimas again went down well.

Only one shot this week of out front @ Resorts just before the crew hit it on Saturday