Samoan Suf Report For Week 50 Of 2008 From Sa'moana Resort

Mr Potato Head on a nice left @ Pebbles

Mr Potato Head on a nice left @ Pebbles

Krishna in a nice little baz @ Pebbles

Krishna in a nice little baz @ Pebbles


Report No: 50-08
Period: Monday 8th till Sunday 14th December

Monday. High tide 3.11pm. After a sleep in & a big lunch 2 guests went for a paddle out at Resorts in glassy clean conditions with lefts & rights. 1 or 2 turns a wave & racy walls. They and the guides surfed it from 1 till 4 & made the most of the shoulder high conditions.

Tuesday. High tide 3.39am & 4pm. With not much on the south side they tried the north shore super early as there was a heap of north swell. After checking everywhere the wind was killing it & they got skunked surf wise ended up jumping into a waterfall instead of surfing.

Wednesday. High tide 4.32am & 4.50pm. After yesterday they didn't bother trying to chase the swell & ended up having an R&R day.

Thursday. High tide 5.26am & 5.44pm. Again no south swell so no surfing today.

Friday. High Tide 6.19am & 6.39pm. Finally a south swell had kicked in over night so they boated straight out to Pebbles which was super glassy & shoulder high. The outside section was the go with long walls where you could get 3 or 4 turns on. It was quite consistent, so the 3 of them surfed for 3 hours and it stayed clean all day so they got a 2 hour bash out the front at Resorts when they got back. The shoulder high peaks which had good shape, it was unreal to finally get a good days surfing in and the guests were stoked.

Saturday. High tide 7.14am & 7.34pm. Early boat trip again but with no luck. They checked Special K, Pebbles, Wakas & Coconuts, which with the small swell were lucky to be knee high. More R&R.

Sunday. High tide 8:09am. With absolutely no swell on the South side of the island and being church day, and with no wind and no swell, they decided to do an early fishing trip. The conditions on the water for fishing were magic and after a fun day ended up boating a couple of little reef sharks and a nice dog tooth tuna.

50a-08 - Krishna at Pebbles, 50b-08 - Mr Potato head at Pebbles, 50c-08 - Krishna with his Dog Tooth Tuna from Sunday's trip.