Samoan Surf Report for week 35 from Sa'Moana Resort

Report No: 35-08
Period: Monday 1st to Sunday 7th September

The highlight of the week was the big swell on Monday, 20ft faces at Boulders making for some heart pounding drops, great fun. SE winds again this week, mostly dry with only a few showers

Monday. High tide 7:43am, low tide 1:47pm Awaking to a huge swell Boulders was THE spot. When the crew arrived the tide was still quite high and it was lumpy with some backwash off the point. As the tide dropped the waves cleaned up & combing with an ever increasing swell made for an epic days surfing with solid triple overhead monsters marching in. The adrenalin was pumping on nearly every drop down the 20 ft faces with carnage delivered on one set smashing the lineup and claiming two boards in the process, and another about two sets later got smashed onto the headland.

Tuesday. High tide 8:26am, low tide 2:28pm There was no doubt about a return to Boulders today. Even though the swell had dropped considerably solid double overhead sets were rolling through. Combined with no wind and clean conditions some great waves were scored, without the same fears as yesterday.

Wednesday. High tide 9:10am, low tide 3:09pm The large swell had swung even more to the east today, meaning that less was bending around the corner and coming into Boulders. Still the occasional sets were pushing through providing some good rides for the crew. With the wind back up it wasn't as clean as yesterday but still great.

Thursday. High tide 10am With the swell dropping considerably overnight, but still being largely from the east, it made for some nice looking conditions at Village Lefts. Some still quite sizable sets rolling through (10-12ft faces) and lining up nicely a few good rides were enjoyed in the morning session.

Friday. High tide 11:04am Similar conditions meant a return to Village Lefts this morning. Some nice long rides were scored in the SE swell and even the occasional barrel was thrown up as VL occasionally did its best impersonation of G-Land.

Saturday. High tide 12:19pm The ESE winds were up so a few of the crew went with Brent for an arvo surf down at Village Lefts. With a new SW swell starting to push in as well as the remaining SE swell some of the waves were closing out rather than running all the way down the line. However VL handled the ESE winds well as the faces were quite clean and workable.

Sunday. High tide 1:30pm A boat trip to Pebbles was the plan for today as it is off shore in the SE trades & they found clean little waves pushing along the reef and barreling on the inside section in what was a fun session in the waist to shoulder high conditions.

All shots Boulders on Monday, 35a-08 Unknown bottom turns, 35b-08 Nick pulling a great bottom turn, 35c-08 Steve in a full layback, 35d-08 Unknown on a hooter.