Samoan Surf Report for week 41- 2008 from Sa'Moana Resort

_**WEEKLY REPORTS for 2008**_

_**Report No:**_ 41-08
_**Period:**_ Monday 13th to Sunday 19th October 2008

_**MONDAY**_ – Early boat trip Pebbles which was pretty funky with the swell being a bit too much from the West. It was making it very fast and sectiony so you really had to be selective with which waves you took. The Trades got up early and were blowing pretty hard.

_**TUESDAY**_ – Only one surfing guest at the resort today (a lot left last night) and he opted not to surf today. The SW swell was increasing in size and the trades were blowing consistently.

_**WEDNESDAY**_ – Full day boat trip to Boulders. The swell was about double head high with the waves pretty clean all day, being protected from the moderate trade wind. It was mostly uncrowded all day with only a handful of surfers taking advantage of the conditions. The waves were good with some barreling from take off and others having nice open faces for turns. The sun was shining most off the day and the surfers ended up fried after about 6 hours in the water.

_**THURSDAY**_ – Guests opted to stay out of the sun and the water after such a long day yesterday. The swell was dropping and the wind reasonably strong from the SE

_**FRIDAY**_ – Early boat trip to Pebbles which started off a bit wobbly but cleaned up once the trade wind kicked in. The crew surfed for about 4 hrs in the waist to head high waves. Some guests surfed the back peak which is a more open face wave and some surfed the inside section which is a lot wedgier and hollower.

_**SATURDAY**_ – No surfing guests at Sa'Moana today but some of the guides & staff had a quick paddle at Pebbles in between mooring maintenance. It was waist to shoulder high with strong trade wind conditions.

_**SUNDAY**_ – Back to Pebbles where the swell had come up a bit and was up to head high and consistent. Lots of barrels and those that didn’t had nice faces for big turns.

_**PHOTOS**_ – Unfortunately no surf shots this week, just a nice one at the resort