Samoan Surf Report for week 42- 2008 from Sa'Moana Resort


R_eport No: 43-08
Period: Monday 20th to Sunday Oct 26th 2008

Monday. High tide 12:12pm A clean south west swell was hitting Pebbles with super good shape and offshore east swinging south east wind creating lots of perfect barrels on the inside. Waist to head high with steep takeoffs and glassy clean conditions meant best surf in a few days. The 3 lucky guests made the most of the quality uncrowded conditions and surfed from 10am till 3:30 pm.

Tuesday. High tide 1:20pm. After a long session yesterday Resorts looked like the easy option. Looks can be deceiving as what they thought was a clean small swell turned out to have clean but solid sets in head to head and a half thumpers that were a bit to straight for out the front. The odd left and right was on offer but only on the little in between waves, if you could pick em.

Wednesday. High tide 2:17pm The south west swell was still around head high with a few bigger sets. South east wind again meant straight to Pebbles and it didn't disappoint. The inside section straight offshore and barrels galore. with 3 guests and 3 staff being treated to some round spitting pits and everyone got there fair share. A beautiful sunny day, surfed 11:30am till 5pm

Thursday. High tide 3:06. Strong south east wind and a beaut previous day, it was hard to get motivated again so it was just a chill out day at the resort, no surfing today.

Friday. High Tide 3:50pm. After a tasty lunch they motored on down to The Island for a change in scenery and it was worth the trip. Head high with a few double over headers and offshore south east swinging north east wind meant a few sections were on offer. The crew were able to spread out over the inside and middle sections, both had barrels and workable walls to do turns on. The perfect weather and quality waves meant everyone had a good day.

Saturday. High tide 4:30pm. With the late high tide and strong south easterly wind up all day the spot was the inside of Pebbles. As usual it had a few waves but was only waist to shoulder high on the sets. There were still the odd barrel on offer but due to the wind and small swell it was a bit average but the guests still had fun in the sun and surf.

Sunday. High tide 4:55am and 5:09. Tossing up whether to go for an early or late the call was for a dawn patrol. Once on the ocean and with the sun just up it was clear the swell had dropped even further. After checking Special K which was tiny they looked at Pebbles which was also small but more surfable. The crew hit it till about 8:30 and got a couple of fun walls, but a hot breakfast was to much to pass up so we bailed back to the resort to eat.

Photos _ 42a-08 Luke Heeps, 42b-08 Dwayne Peters at The Island on Friday 24th.