Sancho's Secret Backdoor, Somewhere in Macaronesia

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Macaronesia. Ever heard the name? Maybe thought it was a miss-spelt version of that tropical cluster of Islands in the western Pacific? (Micronesia...) Well, we couldn’t blame you really, it hardly flows through the common vernacular. The name refers to a collection of four archipelagos you'll be much more familiar with: Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde.

And why did Benjamin Sanchis name such a wide area as the location for his latest clip? Because of one particular right that you'll watch him backdoor for the first half of this edit. "I can't tell you much about that one," said Sancho coyly to MSW. "I'm just happy because the locals let me surf it but sometimes they're pretty gnarly so... But yeah, it's definitely a really fun little wave, bending a lot, shallow etc. It's really fickle, sometimes it's good, sometimes not. You can't really predict it, you just have to check it."

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor