Scottish Surfer Lost at Sea for 30 Hours Returns to the Water

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Do you recall the Scottish surfer, lost off the coast for more than 30-hours, sparking a huge rescue effort and, upon his retrieval, vowed to never surf again?

Well, now, here's a feel good story to lighten up your week. Matt Bryce was invited to Surf Snowdonia to put those woes to rest in a controlled, man-made environment.

If you need a recap – Matt, 24, was found clutching his board, 13-miles off the coast of Ireland after getting in at Westport Beach in Scotland. That's around 16-miles travel distance.

Matthew said: “I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I was not going to be surfing again. But Surf Snowdonia got in touch and said come down here, we can get you back in the water. It’s somewhere safe, it’s not in the sea. It was a really nice gesture.

“I can’t just stop, I enjoy surfing too much. This has been a great stepping stone to actually going back out in the sea.” Enjoy.