Search and Discovery in the Long Islands

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Lewis and I had wanted to take a trip up to here for a long time after hearing stories from friends of unridden gold, but it’s a huge mission to get up here, and costly. We approached the guys at Monster Energy who were keen to get involved. Eventually we made it up to the islands for four days in late October.

We decided to take our mates along for the ride: Reubyn Ash being incredible at boosting, Australia’s funnest export, Noah Lane, who’s got insane style and power and finally Jobe Harris – probably the most interesting up and coming surfer in the UK. Plus the beautiful Ben Selway came along to photograph as well.

The surf was hot and cold whilst we we're there, which to be honest we had hunch it would be like that. Originally, we were actually meant to leave a week before we actually went however the charts didn't look great, and it was one of those weeks where one minute it's all go then come the afternoon it's gone again. This location is open to Arctic wind currents and direct northern Atlantic swells. It takes a pounding, and is so unpredictable. However, we had a couple of fun days when the main swell hit. One big day where the boys surfed a decent size right hand point and another day at a grinding barrelling beachbreak. We even managed to capture the occasional decent moment on film.

To be fair as surf trips go, this was a very intense trip. A lot of driving day and night, intense weather and with the surf not playing ball as much as we would have liked it to however we had such a sick crew that it made going to extra mile a pleasure.

Jack Clinton / Blurf