Secondary Tsunami Wave Damages Costa Rica

On Saturday, March 12th, the day after the Tsunami, strong secondary waves and currents reached Costa Rica and damaged national treasures in Pacific waters and the coastline.

Damage to the Flamingo Marina and yachts in its harbor, changes in the behavior of fish, and the disappearance of the Whale Tale near Uvita are among the damages reported. Additionally, material from Costa Rica's famous Thermal Done washed up on shore, indicating damage to offshore fishing waters.

A preliminary report from Costa Rican oceanographer Guillermo E. Quiros Alvarez on these damages was shared with our Spanish language site, Buenos Dias Pavones.

Costa Rica's Thermal Dome is a permanent ultra-rich marine feeding ground considered an important natural and economic resource. Normally, the open ocean is a biological desert, and only very special areas create seasonal conditions that sustain the early stages of the marine food chain. While marine upwellings create rich, seasonal food sources, Costa Rica'sThermal Dome is a permanent feature. (Scientifically oriented readers, please read our note at the end of this post.)

The Whale Tail, which has reportedly disappeared, has long been a tourist attraction in Bahia Ballena ("Whale Bay") and a major landmark clearly visible from the air to travelers.

Coming soon: Part 2, more reporting, details and firsthand reports.

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Costa Rica's Pacific coast was damaged by secondary Tsunami activity on March 12th, 2011.