Sergey Rasshivaev : Russia : The Winter Session

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Sergey Rassivaev doesn't know whether he's coming or going at the beginning of this edit, but he soon find his bearings and rips apart some exceedingly weak surf on Russia's Baltic Sea coast. Fairly impressive considering the size of his board, quality of the surf, and quantity of rubber he's encased in.

"Surfing here is hard, but it's my home and I like it." Says Sergey "Every day of waves is like a small miracle. In SPB my hometown, it's not the best. In Kaliningrad there's more open sea and waves are better."

FYI we have just developed a Baltic surf model and are running it exclusively in-house. Check it out HERE.

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Filmed by Tatiana Elisarieva -
Edited by Alexander Fetsov -

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