Shipstern's Up To 11

IT'S been a while, Shipstern Bluff took a southerly shot of 15ft at 15 seconds right out of the Antarctic and threw up some bombs last week.

Pushing the unhinged performance bar a notch higher -- in order of appearance: 0:31 - Caleb Mclean, 0:45 - Danny Griffith, 0:56 - James Hollmer Cross, 1:08 - Marti Paradisis, 1:21 - Danny Griffiths, 1:35 - Sandy Ryan, 1:44 - Sandy Ryan, 1:56 - Caleb Mclean, 2:08 - Sandy Ryan, 2:16 - Danny Griffiths and 2:29 - Marti Paradisis getting the final endless wall of death.

Filmer, Dave Otto, had to work hard to get that angle. "Lots of crawling involved" he reckoned.

For new father, James Hollmer Cross, it was his first surf in five months. "Maybe got a better barrel than my XXL Ride of the Year in 2010. Surfing feels so good when you haven't been for a long time. Thank you for Shippies what an amazingly fun wave."

Fun, yeah, that's what it looks like.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley