Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival

Wayne Lynch surveys the apostles in Uncharted Waters. The Shore Shots film festival will showcase top class surf cinema from across the globe.

Wayne Lynch surveys the apostles in Uncharted Waters. The Shore Shots film festival will showcase top class surf cinema from across the globe.

As winter draws to a close, it's important to sit back in a comfortable chair and reflect upon what came to pass. Irish surfing in particular has seen boundaries pushed this winter, and there will be no better opportunity to celebrate the season than the Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival.

On April 5th and 6th,surfers from across the island will gather at the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin to check out the latest big-screen waveriding adventures. Join the community for a weekend of tubes and thrills in the capital as we check out hotly-anticipated surf edits from the country’s best surfers and film-makers, not forgetting the now infamous Shore Shots Afterparty, hosted by our good friends at the Generator Hostel.

When: April 5th and 6th, 2014
Where: Movie Tickets: On Sale from Thursday at
Afterparty Tickets: Stay tuned to and our Facebook/Twitter accounts for all the updates about who’s playing and what’s going down. Afterparty tickets go on sale March 18th but it’s free to all guests of the Generator.

What's On?

Uncharted Waters

Wayne Lynch burst onto the Australian surfing scene in the 1960s and rode a wave like no one else. He opened up fresh possibilities with a radically new vertical style. He was a champion, a draft dodger, an outsider, a revolutionary, a messiah, an environmentalist, a victim, a wild man, a pauper and an enigma. He tested himself against the big waves and produced something beautiful and exhilarating and elegant in the process.

If you've ever surfed, or if you appreciate the sheer grace of a board rider racing down the face of a big wave, this biography of one of Australia's legends will make your heart beat that little bit faster and have you longing for the freedom, beauty and simplicity of a wave and a board.

McNamara charging Nazare in The Old, The Young and the Sea.

McNamara charging Nazare in The Old, The Young and the Sea.

The Old, The Young and the Sea

A team of filmmakers and photographers goes on a road trip along the European route from France to Portugal in two old VW buses. The filmmakers dive into a world that is inspired by the quest for freedom and self-realization, by the search for a home and great waves.

“The Old, the Young & the Sea” is full of cultural discoveries and inspiring encounters. Coastal residents tell personal stories about their lives and the Sea. The Old, the Young & the Sea” is a vivid documentary road movie about the people and lifestyles of the “European Leg.”

The classic European surfing route along the Atlantic coast from South West France through northern Spain to the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The film paints a colourful portrait of the European surf culture and ignores at the same time the typical boarders of the genre classic surf movie by taking a glimpse at matters
beyond the sporting aspects.

The Alaska Sessions

When Mike McCune turned 50 years old he realized he needed to do something, having thrown everything at building a successful business he was tired and smoking two packs a day. What began as an exercise in becoming fit turned into a passion that led to Mike selling his house, buying an old fishing boat and having a surf adventure of a lifetime. Set in the Gulf of Alaska along an isolated and scenically spectacular winter coastline, Alaska Sessions is an original surf film that captures a soulful search for undiscovered waves.

Got an edit you want to enter?

Well you better get a move on kids. The deadline for submissions is fast approaching. All edits need to be sent to no later than Friday March 14. They must be under ten minutes long and they must be cinema quality. Check out our website for the full tech specs -- we’ll announce prizes for the best cold and warm water edits closer to the date. Terms and conditions apply. Please let us know if you don’t want us to share your edit online and please include a brief biog of all the surfers and film-makers involved.

Photography at Shore Shots
This year we are showing more awesome photography in the Light House bar and mezzanine gallery. Exclusives from the winter season, 35mm from European travel and a showcase debut of work shot by last year's winner Christian McLeod. The entire collection will travel to the west to be shown in Liscannor, Co.Clare at the Cliffs of Moher visitor centre.