Shorties Winner off to Big Apple

NY and Canada Premiere for London Surf /Film Festival Shorties Winner

The London Surf / Film Festival is excited to announce that the winning entry to the 2011 Shorties contest, presented by the National Trust will have their work premiered in New York hosted by SMASH in addition to a premiere in Canada, hosted by the Canadian Surf Film Festival.

"As longtime creative's within the surf industry, we appreciate that it's those 'money can't buy' opportunities such as credible, international exposure that are key to making the step up within the industry and springboarding homegrown talent onto the world stage," says writer and London Surf /Film Festival director Chris Nelson. "Building on one of the London Surf / Film Festival's core aims of supporting and showcasing up and coming British and Irish movie-making talent, we are excited to offer the winning entry to the Shorties short film contest the opportunity to have their work screened at some of the most credible surf culture events across the planet, in front of some of waveriding's most influential names."

"SMASH and the LS/FF are cut from the same mold," explains SMASH co-founder Tyler Breuer. "We believe that there is something special about surfing culture, the creative people who document it and those of us participating in it. Short film contests like The Shorties are important for nurturing new talent and inspiring veterans to push the envelope of creativity and to constantly re-examine our surf culture and what it means to them and give us all a new vantage point of what surfing is and can be. SMASH is proud to be a partner of the LS/FF and is looking forward to working together to promote excellence and stoke in surfing culture." 

About the London Surf / Film Festival Shorties
The London Surf / Film Festival 13-15 October 2011 is Britain's premiere showcase for international surf filmmaking. Fusing together film, art, photography and commentary from waveriding's most exciting creatives, it is a celebration of the cream of contemporary surf culture. The Shorties short film contest is a key part of the event. Presented by National Trust, it is open to filmmakers from or based in Britain and Ireland. Films must be five minutes or less and the closing date for submissions is 26th August 2011. For full details, please see the website.

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Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley