Six Rides @ 70 Seconds from Supertubos on Friday

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Supertubos has not stopped.

Last week, two back-to-back W swells filled into the Portuguese coastline: the first on Tuesday, when Italo Ferreira scored this Wave of the Day. The second swell arrived a few days later on Friday. Not as big as the initial pulse, but the shape, angle and wind were right on the money for a full day of Supertubos gold. “It was the best I’ve ever seen it,” said Peyton Willard, who spent his Friday shooting video from the beach, along with filmers Rafael Elias and Luis Rodrigues. Stay tuned for the full Swell Story, coming soon.

Meanwhile, take a look at Four Sizzling Days at Supertubos from earlier on in February and check out what’s happening right now through our live cam.