Slater Heads Star-Studded Signing

JEFFREY'S Bay - Nine times ASP world champion Kelly Slater will be in attendance for a signing, along with some of the best surfers in the world from the Quiksilver international surf team. Dane Reynolds (USA), Fred Patacchia (Hawaii), Jeremy Flores (France) and local surfer Travis Logie from Durban will join the best surfer in the history of the sport for an evening of autograph signing at Quiksilver's mega store in J-Bay.

While Kelly needs no introduction as the nine-time world champion, team mate Dane Reynolds has risen to the top of the sport for his outrageous new school competitive surfing and is the current favourite surfer of groms the world over. Fred Pattachia or 'Freddy P' as he is affectionately known, is a perennial stand-out at World Tour events and is always a surfer to watch on his backhand at Supertubes, Jeffrey's Bay. Jeremy Flores was a child wonder who has transformed into an explosive and focused professional surfer with some massive signature moves, while Travis Logie must be one of the quickest professional surfers to ever stand on a board. Travis is one of the most accomplished South African professional surfers and also enjoys incredible popularity when at home as a result of his easy-going and friendly nature, as well as great coverage in South Africa surf and mainstream media.

Kelly Slater has his mind set on a 10th world title, and at this stage of the game is leading the rankings coming into the Billabong Pro. A victory in Jeffrey's Bay will see him solidify that lead and put him within grasp of this unprecedented world title. Kelly Slater's place in the history annals of professional surfing is assured, but there is a very real possibility that should he secure his 10th title he might not be back next year, which means that this could be one of the last times to meet him in person and get his signature. There will be signed posters and sticker giveaways on the night, as well as 50% off all clothing, accessories and footwear in the store. There will be a skate demo by some of the region's top skaters in the skate bowl that resides inside the store, and there will also be top shapers shaping new surfboards in the store's dedicated indoor shaping bay. The signing is set for Saturday 17 July at 18:00 at the Quiksilver Mega Store in the Fountains Mall, Jeffrey's Bay.