Did Slater's Wave Ranch Just Get a Major Aerial Upgrade?

Jason Lock

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Updated 1628d ago

The Slater wave ranch has sure made a helluva lot of tweaks over the past few months. An added left, sampled by Gerry Lopez, contour tweaks and changes to iron out a few kinks. But not much has been made of the pool's air sections – which have been in need of a revamp. And who better to jet in and press all the buttons at once than Albee Layer and Josh Kerr.

Albee's not one to shy away from voicing an opinion, and has also taken ownership of some outrageous above-the-lip theatrics. Kerrzy, retired from the CT but still arguably (and historically) has one of the best aerial games ever seen in pro surfing, is the ideal candidate to add a touch of flair to any huckable ramp.

Anyway, Albee revealed on Insty yesterday that he'd flown by private jet to the WSL/Slater wonder pool to give insight into what would make a decent air section. Perhaps a response to the new tech buzzing out of Texas? The BSR Cable Park ramp looks insane, and adding an air section to rival that would make sense – especially if Kelly's pool has a variety of settings to play with, that can be chopped and changed to create an end section.

Bringing Josh Kerr on board is good news too. Perhaps gearing the pool up for some form of aerial expression session when the WSL's CT event takes place in the pool in September? Remains to be seen.