Smoking Outer Banks Barrels Courtesy of Hurricane Hermine

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Hurricane Hermine littered the Eastern Seaboard with barrels last week. But you already know that. Images of the storm's effects have lit up social feeds and for many, driven a desire to one day score somewhere from New York's Long Beach to North Carolina's Outer Banks.

As lenses snapped, cameras also rolled and the footage is just beginning to come through. Here, in the first but definitely not the last Hermine edit you'll see, we wander the Outer Banks with the some of the east's best pros, Brett Barley, Oliver Kurtz, Cam Richards and more.

Edit by Brown Bear Visuals.
Featured surfers: Evan Barton, Dylan Kowalski, Knox Harris, Mark Yonkers, Schuyler Allen, Hunter Heverly, Fisher Heverly and Quentin Turko.

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor