Splendour Bender

Splendour : Goes off like a frog in a sock!

The Splendour in the Grass music festival rocked the mellow hippies out of Byron Bay and paved a path for rock and roll. The Splendour music festival, which took place on the 2nd and 3rd of October was an awesome event filled with a sick international lineup. Some of the bands playing included the likes of Gyroscope, The Wombats, PNAU, The Living End, The Vines, Cold War Kids and the much anticipated Presets.

I drove down to my dad's joint in Byron Bay on the Thursday night. I did some tool donkey work (labouring) for him on Friday as I had no cash for the Splendour Bender weekend. I also had no ticket. That was the next challenge. Didn't phase me coz we had a plan.

In the mean time we hit up the Beach Hotel and later the infamous Cheeky Monkeys Bar. It was a good time, probably could've done without the last drink though. I got woken up at 4.30am to a text msg from my bro. "dan if ya in the room get out i'm bringing home a chick". I was too fucked to get up, but after he sent another two of em along the same lines I thought he meant business. So I dragged my mattress into the loungeroom and tried to get some sleep...

My Dad lives across the road from Dolphins (sick beach south of the Byron Points) and unfortunately for me the surf was cranking a solid 4 foot groundswell. I went for a surf unaware that I was still a little pissed. There were guys out there charging barrels. Unfortunately I was not one of em. I couldn't hold a straight line and either got clipped in the head with the lip or just face planted in the pit.

Belongal (sunday) Byron Bay

Belongal (sunday) Byron Bay

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Not to worry getting out in the water was a bonus and my agenda was rocking out. The plan to sneak in wasn't complicated. My brother managed to get a hold of a performance/worker band and put it loosely on his wrist. Once he was in he slipped it off, gave to my bro, he then brought it out to me. Once ya in there's no worries.

That evening (Saturday) we rocked out to The Music, Gyroscope, The Fratellis, Cold War Kids and PNAU. The two main stages were close together which made it easy to see the head line acts. By 11pm we were all pretty wrecked some of the boys went to Cheeky Monkeys to get their sleaze on with anything that moved toward em. Me, and my bro's went and hit the sack in anticipation for a big Sunday.

On Sunday the surf was still pretty good. This time I surfed down at Belongal a nice clean beachie 2-3ft with a slight side shore breeze. I felt a million bucks after the surf and went to the festival where the boys had already engaged in some heavy drinking.

© 2017 - (c) 2008 Dingo #2

We were sneaking Jim Bean, Wild Turkey and Bacardi in little pop tops. It works really well as you get a 700ml bottle in three pop tops. Genius! We mixed em with the free Coke zero that they were offloading inside the festival.

Sunday was massive! I missed Little Red, British India and Vampire Weekend. Spewing about it! I managed to see The Wombats, Lyrics Born, The Grates, The Vines, NYPC, Sigour Rios and The Presets. I don't know if it was the coke zero or the ecstatic atmosphere, all the bands were sick and everyone was havin good times. I stumbled home soon after The Presets (a good hour stumble) feeling facked after 3 days on the piss and many hours jumping round screaming ooh ahh Jimmy Ricard.

The next day my old man (dad) pulled me out of bed at 7.30am to work. It was the last thing I wanted to do, but I didn't have any petrol money to drive back to Noosa (home). So in between my complaining about my sore back and feelings of sickness I worked another day as a tool donkey.

The next day I drove home and end up spewing up my guts after eating some chicken and drinking some vodka. The week after Splendour I had no appetite and couldn't hold my food or bowls for that matter. The doctor reckons it was the alcohol and not eating that did it. whatever it was it was worth it.