SRFACE: The New 5mm Wetsuit

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A few months back, MSW brought you the exclusive reveal of SRFACE, a brand new wetsuit company operating out of the Netherlands, with the intention of creating the ultimate suit without the wallet-breaking price tag.

And, it works. The 3mm iteration we tested back then felt snug, comfortable and is packed with high end features. It's certainly warm, born out necessity to keep surfers in the water longer when tackling the North Sea.

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With the success of a formidable summer suit, SRFACE have just peeled back the curtain on their winter edition, in the form of 5mms from head-to-toe. First, let's run down the neat things SRFACE is doing when you buy a suit.

Straight off the bat, you're given a 30-day cool down period. If you buy a suit and don't like it, you can send it back. And isn't that just the best idea? Sometimes trying a suit in a shop, or browsing online, the cut isn't quite right. Too small on the shoulder or bunches behind the knees – those little tweaks that can make it uncomfortable.

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And do you notice you're one size in say your Billabong suit and another size in another brand? Well, SRFACE has even got this covered with their online brand converter. Enter the size and brand and it'll convert it into the SRFACE size you need. It may sound odd but all these little quality of life improvements make the online shopping It gives you the ability to fully take control of the product you're ordering. As it should do.

Then, as we mentioned before, the packaging it's delivered in can be used as a fully waterproof wetsuit bag with attached draw cord. And isn't that the most simple, yet innovative, way to give a little something extra? We all need a way to carry a suit – whether that's in the bottom of a builder's bucket, wetsuit backpack or more, no one wants pee-riddled rubber on the floor of their car.

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Onto the actual suit though. It shouldn't be any surprise that this is warm. Above average levels of warmth. And that's great, if you want your winter sessions to run into the multiple hours mark. The cuffs have anti-slip grips on the inside, something we're seeing more and more of in all wetsuits. All the seams are sealed and taped, meaning there's minimal water getting through and adding extra support to stress areas. A plush inside has been added for extra insulation. At the moment, a hood isn't included but plans are fully in to launched a hooded version in 2019.

The chest and back comes equipped with a wind breaker, as is standard on most suits. Aesthetically the suit is very similar to the 3mm version, charcoal with a slightly lighter chest and back panel, but offset with orange accents in the logos and the zips.

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Finally the price tag. A 5mm suit will set you back 240 euros. If you're in the market for a winter suit, then it's perhaps worth giving this one a try – and you can do just that by going SRFACE.