Storm Callum: The Forecast


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Storm Callum is currently battering the UK shoreline – rifling swell into the coast and further abroad in Europe.

Callum's the first big swell of the season to hit from the southwest, and the swell will be cleanest in southern areas although the winds could still be a factor. You can watch our live cams of Callum coming in at various spots.

The Fistral outlook for today. Seek shelter.

The Fistral outlook for today. Seek shelter.

As MSW wave wizard Tony Butt says: "The North Atlantic chart at the moment is showing a tight low just northwest of Ireland, with a long and intensive south-westerly fetch stretching from its southwest flank and connecting with Hurricane Leslie, which is currently just west of Madeira. The main system deepened explosively over the last few days and its associated fetch has already generated a large pulse of southwest swell.

"In Cornwall, Wales and southwest Ireland conditions are already extremely stormy, with severe-gale southerly winds and wave heights well over ten feet at southwest exposures. Conditions will clean up over the weekend as winds moderate, but wave heights drop fast.

Today's North Atlantic wind chart.

Today's North Atlantic wind chart.

"At north-facing spots along the Biscay coast, wind conditions will be better but the west and southwest swell will really struggle to get in.

"In Portugal and Galicia, the main swell arrives on Saturday with wave heights around ten feet at westerly exposures and moderate or fresh winds from a southerly quarter. On Sunday expect an additional pulse of southwest swell from hurricane Leslie, pushing wave heights above ten feet at exposed spots, with winds swinging around to strong northerlies as Leslie gets perilously close.

"In summary, expect some large swell over the weekend, especially at west and southwest facing spots, but it will be tricky finding somewhere with good wind conditions."