Strange Seas on the North Shore

Sean Davey is an experienced hand. He's been shooting this hallowed stretch of sand as long as anyone, and will be bringing you his photographic highlights throughout the North Shore season.

This 2013 winter season has been one of the strangest yet. It's late November now and we've barely seen a half dozen days over the 10 ft range. Most days have been in the 1 to 3 ft range or not at all. Even stranger has been the coastline between Rocky point and Sunset, known to the locals as Kammieland, was eroded severely during the late summer months, despite the lack of waves. The erosion was so bad, than many properties including Fred Pattachia's house lost a fair chunk of their land into the ocean.

Preceding the swell currently lighting up Sunset, there were ten days of tranquil seas. As you can imagine, the surfers were going stir crazy. They even had to extend the waiting period for the Reef contest at Haleiwa. There's been a lot of really young surfers taking to the minuscule waves of late. One morning at Pipe, I saw Pancho Sullivan, Jack Johnson, Petey Johnson and several other parents all converge on the one footers at Pipe with their grommets.

Words and photos, Sean Davey