Strange Waves: Surfing in Saint Petersburg

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Let's preface this with an undeniable fact; this isn't high performance surfing. But then, it doesn't even really need to be. How about a few minutes of some stoke-filled moments from the shores of...Saint Petersburg in Russia , thanks to a little pulse of swell in the Gulf of Finland – in the Baltic Sea.

Oh sure, it's not anything incredible but did you even know there were waves there? And what does surfing really mean, anyway? Is stoke a metric only observed for the top-to-bottom, thruster-touting, all-in high performance ripping we're so accustomed to seeing?

Nah. It's that universal feeling we all share in the drink, whether that's sliding across one foot or 80. Whether that's the latest Merrick under your arm, or a Beater. So we tip our hats to those hardy surfers locked in Russia's frigid grip, who just want to get a kick from dancing on a chunk of foam.

Filmer Philipp Vasilev was born in St Petersburg but says most people used to kite surf, until only recently. “I never knew that surfing was so popular in my home town,” he tells us. “I know it looks unsurfable but that kind of changes when you get in with the board and feel it out.

“The surf's not super good but the people here... they just want to have some fun. In Russia, surfers go abroad to chase waves, come home and just want to find that feeling again. Now Saint Petersburg has its own surf culture and even some secret spots....”