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Over the weekend, the Indian Ocean supplied a long range swell providing plenty of wave riding options in Sumatra and it's surrounding islands. On Sunday, the swell peaked at 8ft @ 18secs, translating as hollow waves up and down the coast of southern Sumatra.

From The Mandiri Beach Club, Chris MacLaverty had his eyes locked to the chart as soon as the bump appeared, and wasn't disappointed upon its arrival.

"In the lead up to the swell, the mood around the camp was one of nervous anticipation," he explains. "But it quickly changed to awe and delight when we saw the 8ft swell that the Indian Ocean had provided. Two of our guest's birthdays alined with the peak of the swell so the pressure to deliver was even higher. This perfect Sumatran right hander exceeded all expectations and provided perfect conditions which would match any day the Mentawai's could have offered, the difference was, we had it all to ourselves."

The squeaky clean SW swell with super light winds, meant that Jimmy's Point was going to be firing. And firing it was, over head, crystal clear barrels in the jungle.

"To top off this epic day we stopped off to catch a few little fun lefts at Krui on the way back through. 2 Birthdays down, 4 snapped boards and smiles all round."

For information, check out Mandiri Beach Club.

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