Sumatra's Bay of Plenty


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Words, photos and video by Craig Parry of The Perfect Wave surf travel

From Medan airport we headed to the small island of Simeulue, where we jumped on our boat Seriti for our 10 day barrel-fest.

First stop was a classy right hander known as Joysticks, located in the Bay of Plenty. The name says it all, being surrounded by four breaks is plenty. After surfing there for a few days we headed down to Treasure Island, a right hand break that would have to be one of my favourite waves I have surfed. The swell was from the south and light offshore winds which allowed this break to run to its full length and allowed the end section, called The Claw, to belt out some heavy but makable slabs.

With the swell direction and winds perfect for the island called Lizard Nests, we motored over there at first light. We waited for the reef to get a little more water on it and we surfed perfection for the next six hours. With our captain and crew on the Seriti we lived it up on the boat with awesome food and great service and with the local knowledge from Mick and Suzuki we all got the waves of our lives.

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