Summer Solstice EPIC

TAJ Burrow gets all Red EPIC in this latest slo-mo surf porn wallow at home in Western Australia.

No doubt it's a truism that slowing the frame rate right down makes the average look awesome. So it stands to reason that slowing down Taj at full speed tearing-up his home town on his Firewire and Lost sleds is only going to up the ante.

Here in the office we're total suckers for anything shot with one of the new generation of hyper cameras. But they're not easy to get set-up perfectly, and apparently this is the reason they're using 48 separate Red EPIC camera rigs on the filming of the new Hobbit movie, each set up for a particular task. Kudos to Rick Rifici for slotting all the elements together.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley