Hack Your Surfing with Sunset Sons x Hurley Surf Club

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Surf and music have always gone hand in wetsuit glove but how many musicians can surf with a modicum of panache? How about if you'd spent a little while plying your trade around Hossegor before the world started to embrace your sound?

Jed Laidlaw and Pete Harper from Sunset Sons have done just that, both solid surfers with room for a little polish here and there, who've agreed to throw a little tail under the stark glare of the internet. Thanks boys.

Hop on for their journey from plucky participants, to hopefully improved surfers, via the osmosis of the Hurley Surf Club

Over the next four episodes, we'll follow their journey from submission, to scrutiny, and progression through feedback and training from the best in the biz.

''We went out, got a few waves and the guys from Hurley are going to give us feedback and a few ideas about the aspects of our surfing we can improve,'' explains Pete of his reason for signing up. ''I'm keen to work on the flow of my surfing and transitions between turns. With a bit of critical analysis and coaching from the experts, I hope that'll be ironed out, as much as it can be.''

Jed adds: ''Yeah. It's hard to self-analyse with surfing because it's so intense when you are actually riding waves that an outside opinion and feedback can make all the difference. That's where having the video really plays a key role because you can see from a distance what you are doing either right or wrong. If it's good enough for John John, it's good enough for me.''

Will they survive the journey? Do we have a new JJF with better hair just waiting to rock the world tour? Hang with us to find out.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley