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Surf Fitness with Taj

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WHO would you turn to for surf fitness advice? Taj Burrow? Maybe not until recently...

Does fitness improve your contest results? Correlation is not causation, but Joel Parkinson's fairy tale run to 2012's World Title was during his fittest year on tour, a fitness resultant from his training for the gruelling 32 mile Molokai 2 Oahu paddle race (he came 3rd).

Taj has always been one of the perkiest, poppiest, surfers on tour. This vim and vigour atop the surfboard was not always matched by an enthusiasm for monotonous hours in the gym, a continuity Johnny Gannon has been working hard to change. Fast forward to the Quik Pro and Snapper in 2013 and imagine one of the world's most innovative surfers retrofitted with a steel core and yards of new muscle behind those snaps...

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley