Surf Memorabilia Auction Raises Over $18,000 To Preserve Uluwatu

Uluwatu, Bali – On a historic night, Rip Curl and Uluwatu Surf Villas successfully raised over $18,000 for local environmental organization Project Clean Uluwatu (PCU) during their surf memorabilia auction on Saturday. The total amount raised includes proceeds from auction items, raffle tickets, food and beverage sales, entrance fees, and donations.

Over 300 guests attended the auction fundraiser, expertly hosted by SurfTime Magazine Editor-In-Chief Matt George, and held at the beautiful Uluwatu Surf Villas overlooking the Indian Ocean. All proceeds from the auction will help fund PCU clean-up projects and environmental initiatives at world-famous Uluwatu beach, one of the planet's most iconic surf spots.

Specifically, the money raised at last weekend's fundraiser will go directly towards the completion of an 18-cubic meter bio-digester waste water tank to manage all the liquid waste from the many local warungs (small restaurants) lining the cliffs at Uluwatu. The tank will sit in a protective housing alongside the lowest point of the Uluwatu riverbed, so that all the warungs can hook into it by gravity. The fundraiser money will also go towards installing the central plumbing links for all the warungs as well as individual grease traps in each of the 20 or more warungs with kitchens.

“Installation of the waste water tank should be finished by the end of October, weather dependent,” said PCU committee member Ollie Crowell. “The next phase is installing all the pumps and creating a waste water garden for the processed water, so no more liquid waste can pool up in the riverbed.”

Crowell noted how important the Rip Curl and Uluwatu Surf Villas fundraiser was for PCU's ongoing cleanup work at Uluwatu, in terms of both funding and support from the local community.

“This was incredibly important since PCU is operating by piecemeal and the contractors were due for another payment,” he said. “This new funding will get us into the final phase of the waste water treatment system before the rainy season starts, when it becomes impossible to build in that riverbed. The tank is big enough to sustain an average of 500 visitor per day, and if we need more than that in the future, it’s easy to add another tank next to it.”

With Uluwatu beach reaching critical mass with surfers and tourists during the current high season in Bali, moving the liquid waste system at Uluwatu forward into the final stages is crucial.

“All the engineering is super basic and has been proven successful many times over all around the world,” said Crowell. “It’s just been slow getting people to trust in us initially and then join with us. But we now have all the local Uluwatu beach warung owners' support and they all contribute each month towards the solid waste collection and recycling system we put in place two years ago. They are empowered and amping to get the liquid waste treatment system finished ASAP. When it’s all complete, this will be a model for all beaches in Indonesia suffering the same pollution woes, and it will be that much easier to repeat in the future.”

Among the prized items auctioned off on Saturday night were:

-Brad Gerlach’s Chris Christenson surfboard (sold for $3,000)

-Christian Fletcher's “Big Wave Air Fiji” surfboard (sold for $1,800)

-Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang 10-Year Anniversary Super Heat surf session (sold for $1,600)

-9ft Al Byrne Byrning Spear gun (sold for $1,300)

-Uluwatu Dream Session, 1-hr surf session with lifeguard-enforced crowd control (sold for $1,000)

The PCU fundraiser proved to be one of the highlights of the first two weeks of the Rip Curl Cup Invitational waiting period (July 1st – August 15th). The evening featured live music from Andy Six String, DJs, catered food, and full bar service, including Hatten wine, Smirnoff Ice and Bintang. Guests were also treated to a series of short films from this year's Ombak Bali International Surf Film Festival. Several of the surfers competing in this year's Rip Curl Cup Invitational were on hand as well.

“We are proud to be part of such a successful event to help preserve Uluwatu,” said Rip Curl Southeast Asia's James Hendy. “The auction was a huge success, both in raising money for PCU's critical eco projects at Uluwatu and in raising awareness about the work PCU is doing to protect this legendary surf spot.”

All of PCU's funds are kept in a GUS (Yayasan Gelombang Udara Segar) sponsored bank account and are available for review by the public. To donate or learn more out about volunteer opportunities with PCU, visit:

About Project Clean Uluwatu

Started by a group of expat surfers in Bali, Project Clean Uluwatu (PCU, formerly known as Eco Surf Rescue Uluwatu) was formed when NGOs GUS Foundation and ROLE Foundation teamed up with the surf industry, local businesses and residents to address the pollution problems at Uluwatu. The PCU mission is to work with locals to provide solid and liquid waste infrastructure that keeps Uluwatu clean and beautiful. We hope the world-famous surf break will one day become a pristine and healthy World Surf Heritage Area for the benefit of the Uluwatu community and future generations.

Right now PCU is working to keep the newly installed solid waste and recycling system running. This year, PCU is also installing a professionally designed and environmentally friendly liquid waste system to finally solve the problem of leaking sewage and kitchen waste water. Construction for the new system's central processing tank is currently underway.

To learn more about PCU or to make a donation, check out:

About Uluwatu Surf Villas

Uluwatu Surf Villas is located at Jl.Pantai Suluban, Uluwatu on the Bukit, perched on the cliff top with expansive grounds and 180 degree ocean front views. The Villas have already played host to several film premieres, weddings, fundraisers for the community and private launch parties. The Villas are arguably the finest spot to be on the Island when the sun is setting, live music is playing, and the big screen is set up with the background of the Indian Ocean.

Uluwatu Surf Villas is committed to both directly participating in and educating the local community on sustainable waste management solutions. We are proud to be involved and assisting PCU's continued conscious effort to protect the environment of Uluwatu and the greater Bukit area.

If you are heading up the hill from Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak or Canggu, please ask your driver to head towards the famous Uluwatu Temple and follow the signs to Jl. Pantai Suluban. Full venue details, directions and maps can be found at the Uluwatu Surf Villa website at:

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