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Surf Snowdonia's 300 metre lagoon is full. The almost crystal clear water clearly exposes the twin stripes of reef which will produce a 2 metre barreling wave.

All remained was to press that button. And we have the proof that has happened. Albeit the briefest of teases with the promise of more. Right at the end of this newly released Instagram video you get a glimpse of what will become ubiquitous in the near future.

Ok it isn't much but is is a wave. But this thing is coming to life.

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Speaking on Monday, Louise McWatt of Surf Snowdonia was confident that their instructors would be testing it out this week after a couple of days testing the wave's functionality. And the wave seen here is a modest version of the 2m barreling wave we all want to see.

This wave isn't subject to the vagaries of a storm 1000s of miles away. All you need to forecast is a free weekend at the lagoon which promises one wave per minute and could become as regular in your diet as a morning coffee – just as soon as we have a wave in every major city.

This lagoon is full of potential

This lagoon is full of potential

© 2019 - Surf Snowdonia

The wave at a glance

- The longest man-made surfable wave on the planet.

- Created by a wavefoil (which resembles a snowplough) shuttling back and forth along a central underwater track generating a barrelling wave on either side.

- The 2 metre wave will peel for 150 metres.

- Moving at 6 metres per second it is a ride of just over 20 seconds.

- Up to 52 surfers a session will be able to ride the waves in the lagoon which will simultaneously be producing: a 2m left and right (advanced), a 1.2m left and right (intermediate) and a 70cm (learner) wave at each end of the lagoon.

- Situated right on the edge the Snowdonia National Park.

- Opening August 1st.

Drawings / plans and construction are coming to an end.

Drawings / plans and construction are coming to an end.

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