Surfboard Review: Lost Beach Buggy by Taj Burrow

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THE Lost Beach Buggy is a high performance every-wave, every-man shortboard, but with a little bit more volume and width. This fatter little brother to the Whiplash-TB might be more for the average surfer than that precision-guided missile, but it still rips.

Matt Biolas describes this board as a 'collaboration' with Taj Burrow which fulfils his need for a performance piece under his feet capable of facilitating his, "trademark brand of razor sharp and explosive, cutting edge competitive and freesurfing." Referencing Taj's speed and power means this board will be capable of anything you want it to do. The only question you have to ask yourself is: do you really want that? This is no hippo, so if you're looking for a real groveller then go bigger and wider.

For Lost Surfboards in Europe click HERE. For America, click HERE

© 2017 - © magicseaweed

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