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Five Day Surfboard Shaping Workshop -- Ever Fancied Making Your Own Surfboard?

With all the new changes within the world of surfboard construction and the availability of the best manufacturing materials why not start shaping your own surfboards?

OG-Atelier provides shaping and surf instruction courses in Capbreton / Hossegor / Seignosse. We are divided into two types of courses: The Shapers Workshop and surf instruction.

We offer an introductory workshop to surfboard shaping for all surfers interested in shaping their own surfboard. A series of one-on-one courses to teach the design and shaping techniques to shape your own surfboard directly from a pre-shaped blank.

Three modules of two hours each cover: the Shaping Bay, Design, Rough Shaping, Fine tuning and Finish Shaping.



© 2017 - Nick Pumphrey

Once you have selected your design you are then guided by Kevin Olsen through the complete process from blank selection to a shaped board ready for artwork and glassing.

When the board's finished being shaped at OG-Atelier, complete with fin markings and your signature, the board is ready for glassing and is sent off to OGS glassing house next door. Then we go surfing to improve your surfing technique. Coaching with Kevin Olsen includes technique improvement, video analysis and a personal dvd. What a cool way to spend your week in France.

You can even learn to repair your own surfboards. After 5-7 days you get your brand new board.

The Shapers Workshop is 3 x 2 hrs with min 2 hours (and more) surfing per day - costs 850 Euros (including your new board) We can accommodate you for 1 week (meals, equipment and transport included for 7 days) at the surf factory for 500 euros.

With the access to many great surfboard factories in Capbreton for example: Surf Odyssey located 100m from OG - Atelier , the manufacturers of Rip Curf surfboards in Europe, where the clients will get a full factory tour and get the chance to see surfboards being manufactured from start to finish in the factory. Some of the best shapers in the world work from this factory every summer and this is your chance to meet them. Shapers like the inventor of the 3 fins thruster surfboard, Simon Anderson, shaper to the world's best. Others include Darren Handley, Eric Arakawa, Maurice Cole, the list goes on.

Where can I do find Shapers Workshop?
In Capbreton - France

Who is the Shaper?
Kevin Olsen is the founder of OG-Atelier and the principle shaper of The Original Plonka (TM) who is South African born and a former pro surfer on the ASP tour.
He now resides in Capbreton (France) and shapes full time under the label Kevin Olsen Shapes.

OG-Atelier opened in 2011 as the official home of the Plonka which manufactures, shapes under licence and distributes surfboards around Europe and to South Africa.

Workshop Pricing
The Shapers Workshop is 5 x 2 hrs - costs 850 Euros (includes your new board)

Does this workshop include accommodation?
Yes, at a extra cost of 500 euros per week. You can stay 7 days (meals, equipment and transport included) at the surf factory.

Can I surf during the day?
Yes, a normal day will consist of 2 hours shaping in the morning then surfing with Kevin till lunchtime. The rest of the days for surfing, chilling, shopping etc.

Overall, this is a great instructional opportunity and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone thinking of making their first board. Every surfer should shape and ride their own board at least once; it's an amazing feeling to catch that first wave with your own creation. Kevin Olsen is now making that dream a reality.

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