Surfboard Tracker (SBT) Announce Green House Glassing (ECO Boardworks as USA Distributor

**SBT - Surfboard Tracker** Microchip Technology for Surfboards are pleased to announce Greenhouse Glassing (ECO BOARDWORKS) as their USA distributors.

With the ink still wet on the agreement we wanted to let everyone to know about how pleased we are having Greenhouse Glassing as the USA representatives for SBT.

Green House glassing is an excellent fit for both companies who are both pushing the boundaries and making revolutionary changes to the industry.

Green House glassing intend to offer SBT to all their customers, as well as including the system in their own brands Eco Boardworks as a matter of coarse.
What is a SBT chip?__

A SBT chip, which stands for SurfBoard Tracker is a very small microchip that is inserted into the blank of your board when shaped which holds a unique code for that board. This code is logged into the SBT online database and trackable by both the shaper, and you the owner.

Why use SBT?
There are are loads of reasons, we'll just cover the main ones:

**Authenticity** - Some brands of boards are very popular, which is great, but there are a few people out there that try to copy boards and sell them as genuine brands. By buying a board with a SBT chip, you can be assured that it is a 100% top quality board not a pumped out board from Asia. A Board with SBT verify's the shape of your board.

**Theft Deterrent** - Secondly, by displaying the SBT decal on your board, thieves will be less willing to steal it, knowing that if your board does get stolen, you can register it as stolen on the SBT Online Database and if attempted to be sold, future buyers can check the status of the board on the SBT website and report the seller to the police and help the correct owner get their board back.

**Anti Theft Warranty** - SBT chipped boards now come with the option of a 1 year 'Theft Warranty' that if your board is stolen, can be claimed on this through the SBT claim system and a new board, to the same specification.
Its things like Eco surfboards and SB that switch modern day surfers lights on.

SBT is revolutionizing the whole surfboard ownership issue, guaranteeing and protecting surfers surfboards all around the world. SBT has big plans for USA supporting the regional surf competitions similar to the support recently announced in Australia where by they are giving to the New South Wales regional and national surf club competitions support while increasing everyones awareness of the SBT.

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