Surfer Killed By Lightning Bolt in Indonesia

Jason Lock

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Updated 323d ago

A surfer from Belgium has died after being struck by lightning off Canggu in North Kuta.

Denis Andre Dasoul was hit during a rainstorm yesterday, while surfing in front of the Pantai Batu Bolong Temple at Batu Bolong Beach.

It's understood the 34-year-old was staying at the Villa Ngeluwungan in Mengwi. According to a witness, Denis had been surfing with an instructor and the pair were hit by a bolt of lightning, knocking them off their boards.

A group of tourists and local people came to their rescue. They were taken to Canggu Medika via ambulance at around 2.45pm. Eyewitnesses said Denis' chest was blue and the instructor's leg was burned as a result of the hit.

The condition of the instructor is not known at this time.

Cover shot: Canggu by Zinon