Surfing's Favourite Siblings


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Healthy competition from a young age is one of the best ways to progress in any given activity. Anyone with a brother or sister knows that sibling rivalry is the ultimate channel for fueling competition of this nature. Nobody likes to be outdone by their siblings, you can spend years pretending it doesn't bother you, but it does. It's science. Siblings motivate and push each other in a continual quest to outshine one another, and the progression this leads too, shows in the athletes that emerge.

In a homage to brotherly and sisterly love, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite surfing siblings.

  • The Florence Brothers

    Ivan, Nathan and John John had the ultimate backyard growing up, Banzai Pipeline. A group of pesky kids living on the north shore, growing up in the Florence household was bound to be a lot of fun. With arguably the world's best wave on their doorstep, sibling rivalry was bound to be rife between these three. It's no wonder the family produced such fine surfers. John John is known as one of the top surfers in the world, currently 13th on the tour, he has an outstanding air game and is as comfortable as anyone ever was in the tube. His younger brothers may not be in the lime light quite as much as their older brother, but both are extremely talented surfers regardless.

  • The Malloy Brothers

    From Ventura California, Chris, Keith and Dan Malloy are all well respected and successful professional surfers, filmmakers and environmentalists. These guys are a unit, they travel together, surf together and even run a company together with their cousin Emmet Malloy and musician Jack Johnson. The Malloy brothers all share a dedication and commitment to the ocean and surfing that can be seen in the films they make and projects they undertake.

  • The Acero Brothers

    From the Basque country, Kepa, Iker and Eneko Acero were raised on Mundaka. A diet that has given Kepa a hunger for waves in the most hard to reach corners of the globe, which in turn has earned him a huge online following. Older brother Eneko was also one of Spain’s top pro surfers competing on the WCT.

  • The Gudauskas Brothers

    Pat, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas are perhaps the most excited trio in surfing. Brotherly love is these guys moto. They recently put together a web series of travel videos which follows them travelling and surfing around the world. These happy chaps embody an important element of surfing culture, stoke.

  • Michel and Kevin Bourez

    Pushing each other to take bigger ones at Teahupoo must be a pretty good way to progress together as brothers. Michel aka "the Spartan" is on a role this year with two event wins, at Margret River and Rio, and he stands in contention for a potential world title. Kevin was recently a favourite to win the trials for the Tahiti Pro, but unfortunately suffered a head injury that saw him hospitalised. He is confirmed as in stable condition, and no doubt has a huge surfing career ahead of him.

  • CJ and Damian Hobgood

    The Hobgoods are the ultimate surfing brothers. They're twins, two halves of the same. Nothing could push you to excel like trying to outclass another version of yourself. The Floridians both competed at the top level and in 2001, CJ was crowned ASP World Champion.

  • Owen and Tyler Wright

    These siblings are the most successful siblings in today's competitive circuit. The Wrights grew up in an all surfing family and their competitive sibling bonds have helped them excel in the sport. Tyler is currently ranked as number 3 on the women's Championship Tour, while Owen sits at number 11 in the men's.

  • Shea and Cory Lopez

    Growing up on Florida's Gulf Coast, Shea and Cory needed fierce brotherly rivalry to prepare them for their future surfing careers. Cory has not only competed amongst the top surfers in the world on the WCT, but is considered one of the top free surfers ever.

  • Andy and Bruce

    The Irons brothers need no introduction. Surfing's ultimate siblings. The Hawaiian brothers grew up competing against each other which continued to the highest level, and were the most famed siblings in the sport. Sadly, Andy passed away in 2010, a major kick in the balls for the surfing community. But we're not here to dwell on the negatives, we're here to celebrate brotherly love, and these guys clearly knew about that. Andy is 3x World Champion and his younger brother wasn't bad either, although the competitive stage wasn't his forte, Bruce has several titles to his name.