Surftech Baja Strike


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The crew met at the Surftech office and loaded up boards into the back of the truck, after waiting for about a month for the right swell window. The plan was three days of surfing in Northern Baja.

We left the office headed south, with one quick stop at Hansen’s for some wax. After that it was straight to Mexico. At the boarder we got waved down and pulled to the side. The option was empty the truck or go through the x-ray. With so many boards stashed into the truck, we opted for the x-ray option. Officers took the truck and led into a big concrete bunker. After 10 minutes we were back in the truck and waiting for the thumbs up to go. We got it.

The surfers in question? Ben Barnick (SurfRide), Sean Bennett (SurfRide), Lucas Dalager (Hansen’s), Joe Scaturro (Surftech employee), John Afshari (Surftech Ambassador), Ryan Mahoney (Surftech Rep - SoCal). And an eclectic mix for a range of conditions, including (all 2017 TufLite Pro-Carbon) 6’4” Donald Takayama Scorpion 2, 9’0” Surftech Revelation, 5’11” Channel Islands High Five, 7’10” Channel Islands Water Hog, 9’0” Donald Takayama Beach Break, 7’8” Stewart Hydro Hull Fun, 9’0” Steward Hydro Hull, a Surftech ButterFish, Surftech BombFish and Surftech GoodTimes.

© 2017 - Surftech / Rathwell

We arrived in Rosarito just before the peak of the swell. The first point break we checked was massive. Overhead with rogue waves breaking down the channel all the way into the bay. Some of the waves would roll through and it would almost look like the entire Baja coastline closed out. It didn’t stop the team from paddling out and hunting down some big ones. They scored, but it wasn’t easy. 8-10 foot waves rolled in but shifted around. When you got with it, it was an epic ride. The peak swell came right after ambassador John Afshari got a wave in and took several to the head while attempting to get back out.

The wind picked up that evening and the crew decided to stick to hot tubbing, pizza and an epic ping pong battle. No one could take down Ryan Mahoney on the green table.

© 2017 - Surftech / Rathwell

Tuesday looked promising. Winds stayed low and there was still plenty of swell. Overhead waves rolled in along the coast and we drove further south looking for a spot to surf. We eventually stopped and looked down to see perfect reef break barrels. It was too good to drive away from so the team grabbed Surftech’s best epoxy short boards and started ripping.

After a bit of barrel hunting everyone headed back to base camp to see what the point break was doing. Things started to shape up and 6 foot waves rolled in like butter. We all took longboards out for a little more glide to make the long paddle out to the point and do some nose riding. It was nothing but good times and smiles for the entire session.

© 2017 - Surftech / Rathwell

We celebrated an epic session with some beers that night before heading out to the pub. At that point the story starts to get a little blurry as the bartender served up what felt like Mexico’s strongest margarita.

Wednesday was a bit of a slow start as we packed up and headed back north. We made one more stop before crossing the boarder to surf some beach break. It was thumping when the wave hit the sand bar and after just a few waves the beat up team called in. We headed for the boarder and all had our own stories there. Some of us walked across, others got lost, some ended up in the wrong boarder line. All part of the Mexico fun. We got back to the Surftech office groggy but fired up from the awesome trip we all had.

© 2017 - Surftech / Rathwell

It reminded us what surfing is really about. Adventures with friends. It is so easy to always head out to your local break, but sometimes the fun of jumping in the truck and headed somewhere new is what you need. It is what TufLite boards are made for. You can just throw them in the truck and not worry about them. They are durable and pretty much indestructible. Simply the best travel boards especially when driving the dirty, dusty roads of Mexico or jumping on a plane to Bali.

© 2017 - Surftech / Rathwell

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Cover shot: Rathwell/Surftech