SWELL ALERT: Large Pulse for New South Wales

Tony Butt

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Updated 426d ago

A large, long-period swell is about to hit New South Wales, with epic conditions particularly on Tuesday.

A deep low is forecast to develop in the southern Tasman Sea by the middle of Sunday, with a strong southerly fetch on its eastern flank. This system will persist until around Tuesday, moving slowly north and generating a large south-southeast swell. High pressure persists over New South Wales, and a weaker low develops south of Tasmania late Monday, keeping winds from a westerly quarter in most of New South Wales on Monday and Tuesday.

A large south-southeast swell is expected to hit the Sydney area on Monday, with wave heights perhaps exceeding ten feet at exposed reefs. The swell becomes even more solid on Tuesday before decreasing through Wednesday and beyond. Winds are strong south-southwest on Monday, veering west or southwest and decreasing to moderate on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Keep an eye on the charts, here.