SWELL ALERT: Massive Pulse Set to Rumble Europe


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The northern hemisphere season is certainly under way. A huge pulse of swell is set to rumble Europe over the weekend. Then, early next week, a huge black blob is set to rifle into the UK, sending swell to the Bay of Biscay and beyond.

Of course, it's been some time since we've seen a swell chart like this and is the most commanding we've seen this season so far. Keep an eye on your local forecasts for more information but here's some handy quick spot guide links; UK + Ireland, France, Spain + Portugal.

“The current North Atlantic chart shows a typical winter scenario, with a large low pressure just off Cape Farewell, high pressure over the Azores, and a strong westerly airstream in between,” says MSW forecaster Tony Butt. “A pulse long-period of swell is already headed for west and northwest exposures in Europe.

“Over the next 24 to 36 hours, another centre of low pressure is expected to form off Newfoundland, and deepen rapidly as it moves northeast. An area of storm-force winds on its southern flank will generate a second pulse of swell for early next week.

Swell Chart: North Atlantic

“The latest forecasts are showing the first pulse of swell arriving from late Saturday to early Sunday. Southern areas including France, Spain and Portugal will be affected by winds from a northerly quarter, between the eastern flank of that high and low pressure over central Europe. Mid and northern areas including southwest U.K., west and northwest Ireland, might be lucky enough to get a period of light southerlies as that second system begins to move closer on Sunday. Wave heights are expected to exceed ten feet at exposed spots in Ireland.

Our chart for Nazare on Wednesday.

Our chart for Nazare on Wednesday.

Forecast + Live Cam: Nazare

“The second pulse of swell is expected to arrive around Tuesday, with peak periods hitting 20 secs in southern areas, and wave heights over ten feet in many places. Local wind conditions are still uncertain, but at the moment it looks like locations somewhere in the Bay of Biscay could be the best bet.”