21Days: Taj Burrow's Parents are Shredders

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There's a week to go until Margaret River, and all the 'CT boys are busy with their diverse downtime activities. Taj is an image of tranquillity, enjoying free surfs at empty West Coast beachies and eagerly anticipating the first World Tour contest to be held his backyard. Meanwhile Kerr is packing his time with interviews and freesurfs for his upcoming biopic (spoiler: The Mad Hueys make a cameo) before heading back to Southern California for a week.

The guys are into the home stretch now, heading toward Margarets, a wave where each have enjoyed success. With less than a week before the first hooter sounds at the Drug Aware Pro, step inside the lives of two of the best to see how they continue to prepare.

We'd say, the main things you will take away from this video is that Taj's parents absolutely rip, and Josh Kerr uses child labour to score good surf shots.

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